DIY Tips: Dollhouse Roof Tiles


I thought I would post how I made the slate roof tiles for my own dolls house. My method is very cheap and easy to achieve using the usual bits and bobs any dolls house enthusiast would have.

Materials Required

Breakfast cereal boxes – save as many as you think you will need to cover the area you require and then double it. As you are going to overlap the tiles, you will need at least twice the amount.
Sharp Craft Knife
PVA Glue
An Artist Paint Brush,
Tiny piece of sponge or an artist’s stippled paint brush,
Grey poster paint (In powder form to mix with water) or water based acrylic paint.
Tiny amount of dark yellow and dark green water based acrylic or poster paint.
Water Based Clear Satin Finish Varnish.
Piece Of Kitchen Paper Towel

So lets get started: Take your cereal box and cut 20mm squares, to make life easier I cut 20mm strips first than cut those into 20mm tiles.

Once you have enough tiles start at the centre and work outwards at the bottom of your roof leaving a small overlap of about 2mm if required at the bottom edge but keeping them flush at the sides of the roof area. You may need to trim the tiles at the outside edge. Once you have completed the first row you then need to overlap the tiles below by 10mm (half of a tile) for all following rows. To give a straight edge draw a line on all proceeding rows from here on in 10mm (half way down) to use as a guide. Remembering to place the next tile 10mm (half a tile) to the left and right working from the centre outwards so that the joins are staggered.

Once you get to the top of your roof you can neaten the ridge by folding a long strip of card and gluing in place. But remember if you have a lift up roof do not glue the card over the hinge area, but take another strip of card and glue it along the back of the roof taking into consideration it will need not be as wide to balance out with the front. Leave to dry completely for 24 hours.

Now take your water based grey paint and paint the whole of the covered area, leave until completely dry. Then take the water based Clear Satin Varnish and gently brush down wards, then leave to dry. You could use a spray varnish but this tends to be solvent based and the drying time will be longer.

Now take your stipple brush or sponge and dab into the dark yellow paint, take off the excess by pressing onto a piece of kitchen paper towel. Gently dab over areas of the roof to create lichen, repeat with the dark green to give a moss effect, this gives the roof an aged look, then leave to dry over night. You will need to seal the lichen and moss effect so taking care not to smudge the green and yellow paint gently paint over the area with the water based varnish.